“We create a huge sound with minimal parts.” Says bassist David on Nothings The Rule’s debut EP “Revolving”. Highly melodic and cryptic lead vocals weave around rhythmically distinct stripped down guitar chords, driving bass and massive, R+B influenced drumming. While their chimey, refined rhythmic rock has drawn comparisons to bands such as Interpol, The Pixies and Arcade Fire, “Revolving” reveals a familiar yet highly distinctive sound. Exploring the deceptive nature of the American dream, resignation to heartbreak and one man’s fraudulent claims for the future, Revolving gives the listener an introduction to NTR’s signature explosive and incisive indie rock.


“I instantly gravitated towards the bands’ music … finding both their sound and songwriting extremely refreshing and imaginative, especially in a time where so much music seems to be predictably formulaic and uninspiring.”

– Tobias Jone (Engineer/Producer)


After losing founding drummer Aaron, Dre (vocals, guitar) and David (bass, vocals) decided to continue as a two piece, having already recorded the drum tracks for “Revolving). The Boston band was baptized ‘Nothings The Rule’ out of Dre and David’s mutual love for artists and bands who celebrate the power of a well-written pop tune while pushing past its conventional boundaries. Says Dre “We’re really into artists like Bowie, Radiohead and Beck who blur the lines between decades and genre, yet always keep great songwriting and their signature sound at the forefront. Well written songs have a timeless feel to them.”


Nothings The Rule has a commitment to high quality DIY. “Revolving” was entirely written, arranged, engineered and produced at the bands fully-operational recording studio, Nothing Productions. The band has also created movies for live projection, routinely provides special glasses that create visual distortions for the audience and designs one-of-a-kind products for each show. As a result, NTR remains engaging and unconventional.

One Can Never Win sounds like it should be in a movie, on the radio, in a TV show — everywhere. It’s got a really “classic” feel to it. It’s one of my favorite songs of the year so far…

-Joseph King, Engineer/Producer

“Although Nothings The Rule consisted of just three members, (Guitar, Bass, Drum) they created a huge sound that totally engulfed T.T The Bears.  Unlike the other band who would go on to play that night, Nothings The Rule played driving rock that brought the relatively quiet concert hall alive.  From their crazy guitar riffs to their steady rhythm, Nothings The Rule delivered a solid performance that left everybody in attendance craving more music.”

-Derek Schwartz,