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We don’t write songs for the fans. Record execs (you know who you are) would advise against saying this and you probably don’t hear it often but it’s true. We write songs for ourselves. We write songs that remind us of what it was like to discover that new song or band that keeps you fixated for hours on end. We hope you find the same in our music and join us in creating memories you keep for a lifetime.

We are Nothings the Rule, a DIY indie rock trio from Boston MA. How we meet is very boring, we’ll skip that part.

We can be loud at times and quiet at others, powerful but delicate when needed, dark yet bright, distorted or clean, slow and fast. Our songs are shaped to be dynamic and fluid. We work hard to write songs that always move forward and keep you engaged. Each song is allowed to take any form it chooses. We don’t write the same song twice but we do have a cohesive sound, clear vision and direction.

At the foundation of our songs sits the bass that serves as the glue which bonds our rhythm and melody and the drums that adds tangible energy allowing our songs to breath. Always played in the pocket they keep the rhythm swinging to create a groove that evolves over time. With driving bass lines and R&B influenced drums we create rhythmic songs not often found in indie rock.

The guitar joins in with inventive riffs incorporating harmonics and chords turned upside down in a multitude of voices. On top of everything lays memorable lead vocal melodies supported by backup vocals that fill and lift the song. Sung with emotion the lyrics are written in a way that allows the listener to interpret the song’s story as they would in a good book. Is any of this making sense?

Songs are often complex and perceived as simple but not to a fault. We often use motifs placed though out the songs with explosive choruses and solos that sever as a second voice. We like to write songs using the theory less is more and incorporate parts with minimal instrumentation giving us the ability to build and release tension. All of the above allows us to create songs that are greater than the sum of their parts. We are committed to write the best songs possible.